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Knitted Bedsheets
Clothing Protectors
Reusable Underpads
Our Products

· We currently manufacture the following products in our facilities:
         - Reusable Underpads
         - Colorful Chairpads
         - Clothing Protectors/Bibs
         - Bed Linen:
         - Knit-Fit knitted sheets
         - Knit-Fit Pillowcases
         - Knit-Fit Stretcher Sheets
         - Knit-Fit Birthing Bed Sheets
         - Knit-Fit Thermal Bedspreads
         - Laundry Bags
         - Mattress Covers
         - Impervious Drawsheets
         - Impervious Nurse’s Aprons
  Raw Materials are purchased locally, tested with Ecolab chemical products, manufactured in- house, tested as finished goods and then shipped to you as you expect.

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